Hello and welcome to Strive Therapy, I’m glad you’re here. At Strive Therapy, I believe that you hold the power to heal yourself and live your best life, but maybe you need a little help to access that power. Sometimes, our past hinders us from unlocking our full potential. Maybe you’ve experienced trauma, a life transition, or are living with anxiety or depression. I hear you and want to help. With your life expertise and my clinical knowledge, we can work together to help you move forward in a meaningful and lasting way.

Therapy is hard work. It requires time, emotional labor, and change. Therefore, you need to go through this therapeutic journey with someone you trust. Please explore my website and learn more about me, my services, and style of therapy. If I seem like a good fit, reach out. I’d love to work with you!

Teen Therapy

Individuals ages 11 to 18 are in a difficult phase of their lives. They have less agency than adults, but are often told to act like an adult and are shouldered with heavy responsibilities. At Strive Therapy, you’ll have a safe place to decompress while you learn about yourself, your strengths, and how to manage stress.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy involves working with preteens (ages 11+) or teens and their caregivers who are facing distress due to school issues, family conflict, or life transitions. As the behaviors and moods of one individual can be felt throughout a family, family therapy is highly recommended and has been proven effective in alleviating these issues and more.

Young Adult Psychotherapy

Sometimes, we need to focus on ourselves. Young adult psychotherapy is for any individual, aged 18 to 26, who’s looking to take a deep dive in self-exploration to foster change. You’ll learn more about yourself, your relationships, and how to move forward.

Telehealth Services

Due to COVID-19, all therapeutic services will be remote, conducted via a secure video call.

Secure Client Portal

As an established client, you will have access to a private and secure portal, where you can make payments and manage your appointments.